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AeroLogic Windproof

In our attempt to capture "free speed" in carbon road bicycle design, Litespeed created the principle of AeroLogic. AeroLogic is the incorporation of aerodynamic elements into frame design without the penalty of excess weight.

AeroLogic is not just another decal on the frame. It represents multiple years of thoughtful planning and development. During the summer of 2010, Litespeed's C-series aero road design was tested and validated in Charlotte's A2 wind tunnel. Furthermore, recent articles in mainstream magazines such as Triathlete Magazine have further confirmed that so-called Aero road bikes display a significant aerodynamic advantage over their non-aero, round tube counterparts.

  • There are several AeroLogic features incorporated into the design of each frame in the Litespeed Archon C-series.
  • Integrated seat mast (C1R model) has an aero trailing edge and is lighter in weight than traditional seat post and clamp
  • Adjustable aero seat post (C1,C3, and after market) is more aerodynamic than traditional round seat post
  • Unique shrouded water bottle mount
  • All tube cross sections are tuned to be functionally efficient and aero where possible
  • Morphed shaping of seat stays-functionally aero when possible
  • Proprietary carbon fork is bladed and bowed to allow clean airflow over front wheel

The bottom line is this-according to our time in the A2 wind tunnel, the styling of the C-series reduces the average aero wattage by over 20 watts, as compared to a standard, non-aero bike. That is a 16% advantage across all yaw angles. That translates into a huge savings in rider energy solely based on frame design.

That is the aerodynamic equivalent of adding an expensive, aero race wheel set. Minus the cost, of course...

Now that is AeroLogic.

Reactive Pressure Molding

Reactive Pressure Molding, or RPM, is an advanced molding method utilized during manufacture of Litespeed's newest composite frames. The three primary benefits of RPM are weight reduction, increased stiffness, and improved durability.

RPM allows us to precisely control the internal structure and wall thickness of the carbon frame during manufacture. This advanced process allows designs elements far beyond what can be accomplished with conventional bladder molding. Unique features such as an all-carbon head tube, compatible with the most precise ZS style press fit headsets, as well the multitude of AeroLogic aerodynamic elements are incorporated without the need of solid, permanent components and unwanted filler materials. The result is higher performance with no weight penalty plus additional benefits of improved strength, impact resistance, and stiffness.

Not content to withhold cutting-edge technology from our lower-end carbon road models, RPM is used on the complete Archon C-series, from the C1R flagship to the C3 Ultegra model.


C1Ci2  C3


Titanium Technology

It's not just titanium. It's Litespeed Titanium.

Litespeed takes the highest quality titanium available and makes it better. While our competition settles for softer, more easily worked grades, we go above and beyond to deliver the most premium cold-worked, cycling-specific tubesets in the world.